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1080 g l ; ts, 1, 181 formulas, chemical, 2, 10 3-formylrifamycin sv rs, 3, 351 fradiomycini sulfas, see neomycini sulfas framycetin sulfate rs, 3, 357; 5, fuchsin, basic, r, ts, 2, 299 decolorized, ts, 3, 351 fuchsin sulfurous acid ts, 4, 299 furadonium, see nitrofurantoinum furosemide, 2, 133; 5, furosemide rs, 2, 299 furosemidum, 2, 133; 5.

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nausea and vomiting appear to occur less frequently in some patients when nitrofurantoin is administered as macrocrystals rather than microcrystals.

I desire to start the nitrofurantoin, but i am unsure about the reaction of the fluconazole if i do start.

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