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In one study in type 2 diabetic patients, tolbutamide-induced insulin secretion was not affected by short-term propranolol therapy, but the hypoglycemic action of a single dose of glipizide in conjunction with an oral glucose load appeared to be slightly reduced.

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kidney disease; liver disease; congestive heart failure; or if you also take digoxin, or a beta blocker such as atenolol, carvedilol, metoprolol, propranolol, sotalol, and others .

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propranolol was developed in the 1960s.

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2012 where propranolol precluded the tube formation of treating eoma and human endothelial cells at the highest dose.

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if your child is taking an antacid, he or she should take it 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking atenolol or propranolol.
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