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Always be sure she is protected by screens as summer brings out the bugs, and they are especially fond of tender young tulasis.


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without tulasi leaves, lord krsna does not like to accept flowers, food, or sandalwood paste.

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when you will be thus living as tulasi, a demon named sankhachuda with part of my virile strength will be born and he will marry you.

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4 when tulasi is being cared for by householders in their home, must two aratrikas still be offered.

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anyone while worshipping tulasi devi chants these eight names will get the same result as one who performs the asvamed yagna and one who on the full moon day of karttik tulasi devi s appearance day worships her with this mantra will break free from the bonds of this miserable world of birth and death, and very quickly attains goloka vrindavan.
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Being the leading centre for orthopaedics, tulasi hospitals has the world class specialties in the field of joint replacement surgeries, orthopaedics and trauma care.

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